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Maximising local benefit

Onshore wind has a critical role to play in the management of climate change by helping to transition our country’s energy generation from fossil fuels to renewable energy. While development on this scale can bring some challenges for communities, this transition also creates many opportunities in a world that has moved on from coal.

As projects are developed, built and maintained, they offer the opportunity of creating and sustaining local jobs by supporting local business. The Register aims to make sure as many local people and businesses benefit from these opportunities.

How to get involved and support the local community

Many developers express a desire – through planning applications and other official documents – to buy and hire locally.

Although Brockwell Energy, the company behind the North Kyle Energy Project, funded the New Cumnock Development Trust (NCDT) to set up the Register, it is maintained by the New Cumnock Development Trust and is available for all similar projects nearby.

The NCDT will be promoting its use and helping all developers engage with the local contractors and  job seekers.

Becoming a supporter is free, although contributions to the NCDT to help maintain the register are welcome and will always be gratefully received and acknowledged. All that is required for a project to become a supporter is a genuine commitment to engage to try to buy, and hire, local.

The Register:

  • provides project developers and major contractors with the opportunity to support local businesses and job seekers.
  • it does not compel them to engage with local businesses and staff but it makes it easier for them to identify opportunities and make connections.
  • it also provides a platform to acknowledge the effort being made to utilise local resources and to celebrate and publicise success.

Registration is open to all developers and contractors who are likely to be carrying out work in the local New Cumnock area.

How to Register

Please email us at

We will then be in contact to get further details from you and will add you to the website as a supporter.