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You can sign up to the Register to be kept informed of jobs in the area. To sign up, please complete the form below.


What is the New Cumnock Local Business and Contractor Register?

The New Cumnock Local Business and Contractor Register is a new service that helps to connect businesses and jobseekers with wind energy and construction projects in the area.

The Register allows local people and contractors to log their skills and specialisms onto a database. It also helps developers and their contractors to identify and connect with the local businesses listed on the register. It also allows them to use the Register to post news alerts and send email updates on upcoming tender opportunities or job opportunities.

Who can register? Where should I be based?

Locally based job hunters can sign up. It is not just limited to those living in the New Cumnock area, but also encompasses neighbouring areas.

What will I receive?

If we are informed by any developers or contractors that they are looking to hire, we will send you an email news alert with details of the opportunity.

Does it Cost to Register?

No – it is a free service.

How do I register?

You need to submit an email address, name and postcode. Please use complete the registration form above.

What if I want to be removed from the Register?

If you wish to be removed from the Register, please contact us and we will remove it from our system.

You can also find out more about the project here.